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Check List For DG’s Visit

Check List For DG’s Visit


DG Mike Omotosho has scheduled his visit to clubs as detailed All this must have been submitted to the Assistant Governor and District Secretary before the date of visit in Binded form.


1st SEGMENT. – Meeting with Club President, President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer etc (Attendance of Board Members is mandatory) will discuss but not limited to:

1. Payment/Receipt for your Club’s RI SAR/Dues, District Dues, EREY & outstanding dues respectively .

2. Club Administration and Club Committees Structure/Membership & profiles

3. Club Budget, Bank Account records with stewardship plans for accountability and transparency.

4. Audited Accounts of last year where applicable 2012/2013, 2013/14. 2014/2015

5. Schedule of Board Meetings. Records / Minutes of Board Meetings.

6. Club Charter Certificate, Club Constitution, Club Bye Laws and Manual of Procedure.

7. Club President’s Work Book-show evidence of distribution

8. Club Projects Profile with budget and timeline for completion.

9. RI Presidential Citation Program

10. Global Grants and sourcing for International Partners

11. Club Strategic Plan

12. Club Weekly Meeting Agenda & schedule. Attendance Records

13. List of Club Members with Classification

14. Club Plans and set goals on Membership

15. Club Plans and set goals on EREY, PHFs, Paul Harris Society, Major Donors and PolioPlus

16. Rotary and Club Public Image strategy and Weekly Club Bulletin

17. Rotary Friendship Exchange Plans

18. New Generation – Formation of Rotaract/Interact Clubs

19. West African Project Fair in November 2015 plans of attendance.

20. Attendance of Zonal Membership Development Seminar, Rotary Open Days etc.

21. Attendance of Rotary Foundation Seminar & Rotary Foundation Fund Raising.

22. Attendance of District World Peace & Understanding Day

23. Attendance, Registration & Club booth for project display at District Conference 2016 in Abuja

24. District Governors Challenge-commitments of club formation

25. Rotary International Convention in Seoul South Korea

26. Club Banner/Logo exchange

27. Challenges and Concerns that can be addressed by the District Governor.

28. Wrap Up

Checklist of items to be made available on District Governor’s official Visit:

1. Club Charter Certificate;

2. Club meeting venue details;

3. Club banner and logo

4. Audited Accounts of the previous year, Statement of Affairs

5. Club Constitution and amended Bye-laws;

6. Payment of clubs RI SAR/District Dues, Dedicated Fund yearly payment.

7. Updated Classification Roaster;

8. Membership List (including Honorary members) with addresses and telephone numbers;

9. List of Club committees and sub-committees;

10. Proposed Club budget for the year;

11. Copies of Semi Annual Report and dues sent to Rotary International;

12. List of PHF and PHSM showing remittances made to date and balance payments;

13. Plans and goals for EREY, PHF, Major Donor’s and Polio Plus

14. Board of directors meeting minutes book;

15. Attendance Register;

16. Plans and Objectives for the year;

17. Any plans to form new clubs, or charter Interact & Rotaract clubs?

18. Clubs 3-5 year plans on membership growth

19. Report and data of ongoing projects, if any;

20. District/Global grant received and updates.

21. Manual of procedure and RI Directory, District Directory information’s.

22. President’s Workbook and Secretary’s Workbook;

23. Copies of the Club Bulletin;

24. Preparation towards receiving RI Presidential award

25. Plans for District Governors Challenge.

26. Important files, registers, etc., of the Club.

27. Public Image Plans

28. Attendance at West African Project fair in November 1-8, 2015 in Cote D Voire

29. Attendance at RI Convention in Seoul

30. Attendance at District Conference 2016

31. Attendance at Rotary Fund Raising Seminar and Dinner.

32. Challenges and concerns that can be addressed by the District Governor